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BBQ SATURDAY – Catch up peeps(BYO)- 12月23日(土曜日)

2019.11.27 VIBES
BBQ SATURDAY – Catch up peeps(BYO)- 12月23日(土曜日)


VIBES では完全 BYO 型のバーベキューパーティーを以前から行ってきていますが、次回の開催は12月28日(土曜日)です。

今回のバーベキューパーティーはいつもの BBQ SATURDAY とは違い、2019年最後のバーベキューパーティーという事と、日本から友達が何人かシドニーに帰ってくるという事で、それらのお祝いも兼ねて、スペシャルエディションという事で、クージービーチ(Coogee Beach)にあるバーベキューエリアにて開催いたします。


BYO = Bring Your Own




"come as STRANGERS leave as FRIENDS"

Summer has begun. Who loves BBQ and Beach? This time, we wanna organise special BBQ party to celebrate the end of 2019 and our friends who are coming back to Sydney. So we gonna have a BBQ party at Coogee Beach!!!


• BYO (foods, drinks and if you need some)
• You can invite your friends (no stress)
• Hold it until 6pm (but you can stay after that whatever you want)

Location: Coogee Beach BBQ Area


⚠️ Party Rules ⚠️

This is a party and everyone has the right to have a good time. Please don't make anybody uncomfortable. After sunset, we cannot take any responsibility.

1️⃣ No violence whatsoever will be tolerated, this is a safe space and you will be ejected if you’re being aggressive.

2️⃣ Don’t steal drinks and foods.
This BBQ is BYO. It is NOT sharing food and drinks. If you would like to have and use other person's property please ask them first to get permission. Of cause, if you would love to sharing, totally awesome!!!

We hope you enjoy and make some friends then your life in Australia will be more fruitful and fun.


✅ After Party
Chinese Laundry (Night Club / from 21:00)
more details update coming up soon.
if you keen, please ask us.